Every vote counts.

    That’s the sentiment that Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has echoed for the past week since the Queens District Attorney’s race concluded with a virtual win for her opponent public defender Tiffany Cabán.

    However, Cabán was not declared an official winner because approximately 6,000 military affidavits, absentee ballots and write-ins had yet to be counted.

    Less than two weeks later, Katz has now declared herself the winner in this tightly contested race.

    “We said from the beginning that every vote needs to be counted and that every voter needs to be heard, and now we see clearly why this must always be the case,” said Katz on July 3. “I am proud to have been chosen as the Democratic nominee for Queens District Attorney.”

    Katz’s team has confirmed that she has a 16-ballot lead over Cabán.

    Before absentee ballots, write-ins and affidavits were counted, Cabán petitioned the Supreme Court of the State of the New York County of Queens to ensure that the unscanned votes were supervised.

    Despite the petition, Katz remains steadfast that the unscanned votes will continue to be in her favor.

    “We know that these numbers can and will be subject to recount, and there may be legal challenges, but what matters most is the will of Queens voters. Not the interest groups, not the donors from outside our community, and not even the candidates,” said Katz. “This is Democracy. It is contested and at times contentious, it is about voters choosing between different experiences and visions, and it is a system that ultimately puts the decisions of governance in the hands of the people.”

    Queens County Democratic Chair Greg Meeks has congratulated Katz via Twitter.

    “As I said last week on election night, and every vote must be counted,” tweeted Meeks. “The people of Queens deserve no less. Congratulations to on her lead now that all the votes are in.

    While the Board of Elections has yet to release official results, Katz is resolute in her potential victory.

    “For 25 years, I have put my faith in Queens voters and tonight, that system has reached a conclusion in this very close race,” said Katz. “I want to thank the people of Queens for delivering this important victory; I look forward to having tonight’s results affirmed in the coming days; and I am honored to be ready to serve as Queens’ next District Attorney.”

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