The Queens County Young Democrats (QCYD) gathered at the Powhatan Democratic Club on February 28 to elect their 2019-2020 Executive Board.

    Members of the diverse new board hail from all parts of the borough. QCYD President Breeana Mulligan pledged to work with Democrats across the city to promote unity and resilience as they work to make Queens, New York and even the United States as a whole more welcoming and progressive.

    QCYD focuses on political mobilization, voter and issue education, and professional development for members.

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    Last year, the organization joined in the Blue Wave and was at the forefront of several successful Democratic campaigns, recruiting hundreds of volunteers to get out the vote by knocking thousands of doors for Democrats across the state.

    QCYD’s issue-driven panels have gained borough-wide acclaim and have featured an array of elected officials, policy experts, labor leaders and issue advocates. Lastly, QCYD hosted several successful general membership meetings which engaged local elected officials and allowed members to get to know their representatives.

    At the first General Membership meeting led by the newly elected Executive Board on March 28, the Executive Board rolled out a new schedule for QCYD’s future meetings. The organization will now host a monthly business meeting, open to all members, to discuss programming, political initiatives, and internal matters.

    Details on date, time, and location are forthcoming and will be announced via QCYD’s newsletter and social media. The organization will now host a minimum of one programmed event a month, which will be open to the general public. These events will include: panels, fundraisers, days of service, town halls, documentary screenings,  and much much more.

    In an effort to further improve and develop the organization, QCYD will be creating more avenues for membership input. As one of the most active chapters of the Young Democrats of America (YDA), QCYD values its diverse membership and wants to further member’s involvement in planning, sustaining, and directing the club’s future. QCYD encourages its members to submit feedback via its digital suggestion box.

    Requirements for membership in QCYD are: members must be between ages 16-36 and live, work, or attend school in Queens County; members must identify as Democrats; and members must pay the appropriate annual dues. QCYD accepts all who identify as Democrats, regardless of voter eligibility or citizenship status.

    The 2019-2020 Executive Board is as follows:

    Breeana Mulligan – President

    Antonio Alfonso – Executive Vice President

    David Aronov – Vice President of Political Affairs

    Rianna Young – Vice President of Diversity and Outreach

    Daniel Randell – Vice President of Membership

    Charlotte Martin – Communications Director

    Jacqueline Rozado – Secretary

    Mufazzal Hossain – Treasurer

    For more information, visit

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