As former Congressman Joe Crowley moves on to a career in lobbying and leaves behind his position as chair of the Queens County Democrats, names like U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica, Rockaway Beach), Sen. Leroy Comrie (St. Albans) and Sen. John Liu (D-Bayside, Flushing) have popped up as potential replacements.

    All three have helped to represent their constituents in different ways.

    On the national stage, Meeks has been fighting against President Donald Trump‘s Administration on building a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. and pushing for oversight into NYCHA.

    U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks

    State Sen. Leroy Comrie

    “Trump already admitted during the Rose Garden speech that he ‘didn’t need to do this.’ In fact, he has spent much of the last few months using the threat of a national emergency as a bargaining tool,” said Meeks. “When defending the constitutionality of this action, this administration will find it difficult to explain why, if this were to be a real crisis, a national emergency wasn’t called sooner.”

    Comrie has been fighting for Voter reform for years.

    “Countless New Yorkers across our state lack access to the ballot because of antiquated absentee voting requirements,” said Comrie after the state Senate passed a historic No-Excuse Absentee amendment in January. “Passing no excuse absentee voting will simplify requirements so that New Yorkers with work and family obligations—folks who for too long have been denied a reasonable opportunity to vote—rightfully have the ability to participate in our democracy by casting a ballot.”

    Liu ran for Senate on a woman’s rights to choose.

    “The Reproductive Health Act is a priority,” said Liu. “A precedent that was set decades ago, Roe v. Wade, is in peril.”

    The Reproductive Health Act was later passed on Jan. 22.

    Both Liu and Meeks have faced controversy in the past.

    State Sen. John Liu

    Liu’s bid for mayor in 2011 was mired after his treasurer was probed for wire fraud, and Meeks was accused of firing a staffer in 2006 when she accused one of his donor’s of sexual harassment.

    The three have stayed mum or shown no interest in the possibility of being the new powerbroker behind the Democratic Party in the borough.

    “Sen Liu is committed to strengthening the Democratic Party in Queens but does not seek to be party chairperson,” said Heather Stewart, a spokeswoman for Liu.

    Comrie has decided not to comment on the recent development, according to his spokesman Andrew Taranto.

    There has been no comment from Meeks’ office.

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