The New Queens Democrats, a volunteer organization that fights for public policies to benefit communities in the borough, endorsed Richmond Hill native and public defender Tiffany Cabán for the District Attorney race last week.

    Cabán’s role as a public defender for nearly a decade and policy ideas is what has garnered her support for the volunteer group, according to New Queens Democrats Communication Director Moajza Shahab on Feb. 22.

    “As a public defender, Tiffany Caban has unique insight into the ways that our criminal justice system puts marginalized people at a disadvantage daily,” said Shahab. “Her experience enables her to be the candidate most qualified to know what changes and reforms are needed most at the Queen’s DA’s office.”

    On Monday, the organization retweeted Cabán’s campaign platform to decriminalize sex work, to end racist and classist law enforcement practices and to decarcerate local communities on Twitter.

    The New Queens Democrats is a chapter of Our Revolution and of the New York Progressive Action Network, which was founded in December 2016 and was made up of grassroots organizations that formed during Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vermont) campaign for president in the state, according to the group’s website.

    Despite that failed campaign, the group has maintained its progressive ideals to fight for social, racial, economic and environmental justice, and has opened its membership to other reformists outside the Sanders campaign like the Jim Owles Democratic Club (an LGBTQ organization), the 504 Democrats (a disability rights organization), Life of Hope (a support organization for Haitian immigrants), and EffectiveNY (a progressive public policy think tank), according to NYPAN.

    In 2018, New Queens Democrats previously endorsed former DREAMer and Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D-Jackson Heights), who is now the Assemblywoman for District 39, which represents Elmhurst, Corona and Jackson Heights. The organization has recently endorsed Nomiki Konst, a television pundit running for the public advocate seat left vacant by Attorney General Letitia James.

    Cabán was happy to receive the endorsement.

    “I’m excited to work with the New Queens Democrats to transform the Queens County District Attorney’s office. The New Queens Dems are a grassroots organization plugged into their community. These partnerships allow us to pursue our goals of hearing, seeing and representing all of Queens.”

    Cabán’s platform aligns well with the progressive grassroots agenda of the New Queens Democrats.

    “New Queens Democrats are impressed by her deep conviction to justice and her centering of those communities most directly impacted by the criminal justice system,” said Shahab.

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